Attack of the Allergies: 7 Beauty Tips to Decrease Springtime Suffering

Suffering with springtime allergies Suffering with springtime allergies April showers not only bring May flowers but seasonal allergies too. While there's no magical cure, the good news for the millions of women that suffer from allergy symptoms and feel less attractive as a result of "allergy face," is that there are a number of fairly easy beauty solutions to combat symptoms. "Allergy-related beauty challenges don't have to get in the way of you looking your best," says beauty expert Rebekah George. Add these simple tips and tricks to your beauty routine to reduce puffiness, red nose, watery eyes, and dark circles.

1. clean out your makeup bag
Fifty-one perfect of women with allergies admit they have kept makeup longer than 1 year.* Stick to the following recommended throw-out dates to ensure your makeup is working for you and not against you:

Mascara: 2-3 months
Foundation & Concealer: 6 months
Eye Shadow: 1 year
Blush: 1 year

2. Drink lots of water
Its sounds counter intuitive but dehydration actually causes fluid retention and if you're not getting enough water, the body creates more mucus to counteract the dryness.

3. Elevate your head
Sleep with two pillows at night to drain fluid from the face.

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4. Less makeup is more
Instead of piling on makeup to mask symptoms, dampen your makeup brushes to apply products. This creates a more dramatic look that will distract from your allergy face.

5. The eyes are one of the first signs that allergies are acting up
"Naked" eye shadow palettes made up of softer color and less pigment can help lighten and brighten the eyes and are on trend right now.

6. Apply concealer
Under the eye and to the gallows of the nose.

7. Apply gold liner
To the inner corners of the eye.

- By Jill Seiman
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