The Bang-er Sisters: Kate Spade Models Rock Clip-On Bangs ... Would You?

The Banger Sisters!The Banger Sisters!I was revisiting a few of my favorite images from the 2012 F/W Fashion Week the other day when I became quite distracted by a few of the Kate Spade models. Are those . . . wait a minute. They're wearing . . . are those clip-on bangs? Is this kosher?

They are fake, those bangs, and you know what else? They aren't even trying to pretend they're not! The more I thought about it the more obsessed I became. Think about it: Bangs without the commitment? Bangs without the oh-so-painful grow out period? Bangs one day, not-bangs the next? I'm sold! Heaven help me, this is the greatest idea the world has ever had!

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Check out some of my favorite fake banged Kate Spade looks, and-and!-a source for where you can get your own for under $30. I KNOW!

Clip-On BangsClip-On BangsThe Blonde Bang-er

While we can't get enough of these bangs - we love the color combo of this outfit even more. Who's ready for spring?!

Clip-On BangsClip-On BangsThe Colorful Bang-er
Regardless of how you feel about Kate Spade's runway hair trend, you can't deny this colorful outfit screams warmer weather!

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Clip-On BangsClip-On BangsThe Studious Bang-er
These bangs are SO fake ... SO are her glasses. Those are nuts - but we're digging the sweater/skirt combo!

Clip-On BangsClip-On BangsThe Brunette Bang-er

"Yeah my bangs are fake. You wanna start something about it?" She's tough, man.

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Buy Your Own Clip-On BangsBuy Your Own Clip-On Bangs
The J. Simpson Bang-er
It's just not enough that her shoes are amazing. Gosh, Jess. But if we all signed a petition do you think she would get back with Nick Lachey, please? That Jessica Simpson is a GENIUS.
Get them here for $24

- By Natalie Holbrook
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