Beauty 911! Everyday Items That Will Save You in a Pinch

Photo: Getty ImagesThere’s no need to panic if you run out of your desert-island beauty product just when you need it most. There’s a beauty salon right at your fingers tips, if you get a little creative. Beauty-kit items that we think we can’t live without simply exist under different names, and are available everywhere. Next time you’re stuck on a random island (or lost your luggage or forgot to pack your dopp kit) know that the following substitutes get the job done, brilliantly.

Moisturizing Mask? Try Avocado
For a great, quick boost of moisture  mash up an avocado and apply as a face mask, leave on for ten minutes and wash off. Avocados are full of fats, oils and nutrients.

Shaving Cream? Try Hair Conditioner

The creamy, glideable consistency of hair conditioner makes it the perfect substitute for shaving cream—much better than body wash or soap, which can clog razor blades quickly.

Nail File? Try a Matchbook

The strip on the back of matchbooks works in a pinch as a nail file.

Nail Whitener? Try Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Nails yellowed by polish can get an instant whitening-and-brightening by using a paste made of lemon juice and baking soda. 

Melting Body Bronzer? Hairspray That Tan Into Place!

When you dust or run any kind of tinted/sparkly lotion onto your body, there's always a tendency for it to melt or drip. A quick, all-over spritz of aerosol hairspray will set and protect your faux-color from melting for hours.

No hair teasing comb? Use a Toothbrush
The tight, long nestle of bristles on a toothbrush is actually ideal for backcombing roots to voluminous, buoyant perfection, and it fits nicely into teensy, out-on-the-town purses.  

Teeth Whitener? Try Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural tooth whitener. Mix it with water to create a paste to use for an extra boost of brightness.

Instant Face Lift? Try Egg Whites
Whisk up some egg whites and apply directly to your face, leaving for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse clean off. It gives an instant light and tightening effect.

Photo: Getty Images Hydrating Bath Soak? Try Milk
If you’re out of bath oil, use whole milk for its natural skin softening lipids. Buttermilk is even better, but who really has buttermilk on hand?

Dry Shampoo? Try Powder… Pretty Much Any Powder
If dry shampoo isn’t accessible and you have oily roots, massage your scalp with talcum and then blow-dry to absorb the oil. Baby Powder, baking soda, even a pinch of flour will mop up grease when the situation is dire.

Super Hair Gel? Try Egg Whites and Sugar
In the '70s, punks used the combo of eggs whites and sugar whipped into a foam to hold those gravity-defying mohawks in place. Apply the mixture to hair just as you would with classic hair mousse, and move quickly my friend—this stuff is legendary for its hair molding properties, and can hold that updo of yours in check all weekend long if need be.

No Brow Pencil? Use a Classic No. 2

The soft texture and translucent deep grey color of a No. 2 pencil makes for a natural, handy fill-in for your regular brow definer.
Body Scrub? Raid the Pantry
Mix agave or honey with a cup of brown sugar to create a super-lush, all natural body scrub—it’s sticky, so be sure to apply in the shower and rinse off well. It’s especially great to use as a treatment before self-tanning.