Beauty Secret Weapon: 11 Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Why buy a medicine cabinetful of products when that humble tub you have on hand can do so many jobs?

1. REMOVE EYE MAKEUP: Coat your lids, then gently swab with a tissue.

2. HIGHLIGHT CHEEKBONES: Fake a model's bone structure by patting and blending a tiny amount across cheekbones. The shine attracts light and creates a contoured effect.

3. GLOSS YOUR LIPS: Add red food dye-or tastier cherry Kool-Aid powder-to a dab of petroleum jelly for instant lip color.

4. INTENSIFY EYE SHADOW: Morph your powder shadows into creams for a more pigmented color (prime your lids with foundation and translucent powder first to avoid creasing).

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5. GET AN EVEN TAN: Dry skin tends to soak up excess tanning lotion, leaving skin splotchy. Smooth on petroleum jelly before tanner.

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6. PRESERVE YOUR FRAGRANCE: Dab on pulse points, like your wrists and the sides of your neck, before spritzing on perfume. Your scent will last the entire day.

7. SEAL SPLIT ENDS: Coat ends to conceal dryness and frizz when you're between trims. You also can rub a little between your hands and use as hair wax for texture or to smooth flyaways. Wash it out with a clarifying shampoo.

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