Beauty, Tested and True

Enya Flack


Enya Flack actress, television spokesperson & reporter for knows the scoop on all things beauty. Here Enya shares five of her favorite beauty products that she and her "glam" team have tested and found to be true to their claims.

The Everything Pencil

The first product on Enya's list is "The Everything Pencil" by Judith August Cosmetics. This is a camouflage & concealor pencil that as Enya says, "has been imitated but never duplicated!" The Everything Pencil has been around for decades and is used by many stars and make up industry professionals. TV actress Poppy Montgomery and supermodels Christie Brinkley and Heidi Klum are just a few true beauties who have openly proclaimed their love for Judith August Cosmetics. Judith is a former fashion model who knows the tips and tricks to hiding all flaws, major and minor. The Everything Pencil is true to the claim of being a concealor that is perfect for quick touch ups and small imperfections.

TrendTweeze Tweezer

Enya knows that the eyebrows can make all of the difference to the beauty of the face. They can polish your look and help define your eyes and face. You'll first want to see a professional to learn the best eyebrow shape for your face and after that you are good to go on your own with quality tweezers like TrendTweeze Waterproof Tweezers. They have a built in LED light for accuracy and precision. They indeed, as they claim to, offer exceptional tweezing results. Some of the tweezers are designed with Swarovski Crystals. There are trendy designs and classic colors too. Enya gives us this tip, "Try tweezing your eyebrows after a shower, the hair will slip out more easily and painlessly." Through June 30 2012, enter code "GLAM" upon check out at for 40% off and free shipping on your order of TrendTweeze.

Charleston Girl Perfume

Enya reminds us that our own body chemistry affects how different fragrance notes react on our skin. The same perfume may not smell the same on everyone. Charleston Girl Perfume is a new fragrance that got the thumbs up from Enya and her entire team of testers. It opens with a burst of sparkling-fruity top-notes, has a delicate and sensuous floral middle and finishes with soft, amber and sandalwood. Charleston Girl designer Kelly Gaskins created the fragrance to represent the charm of the women of the beautiful city of Charleston. "Yes, sophistication and charm were two of the words that came up when the It's a Glam Thing team shared our thoughts on this fragrance," says Enya.


For women who do not like mascara or have thin brittle lashes, a quality lash enhancement product is a must have. "Lash enhancement or growth products can be very costly and some do come with side effects," says Enya. LASHEM Measurable Difference LASH Gel is a good one. Enya and her team used the product for 4 weeks then compared notes. They all agreed that there was substantial improvement to the look, length and feel of their lashes and no one indicated any bad side effects. "We are all pleased with the price of $69.99 as compared to the prescription brand that can cost over $100."

Rockstar White

Take one look at Enya's teeth and you'll want her pearly white beautiful smile. Enya suggests an over the counter teeth whitening system like ROCKSTAR White for convenient at home whitening. Although you don't need to see a dentist to purchase this product, dentists everywhere recommend it. Enya loves it so much, she showcased it on two morning TV show beauty segments she recently presented. "ROCKSTAR White comes in two packages, pink "Be Kissable" and black "High Energy". Enya notes that all of the It's a Glam Thing testers grabbed the pink packaging but did save the black "High Energy" packaging for one of the male testers. "The results all came in the same," says Enya. No one experienced any sensitivity. The custom trays fit each individual perfectly. Teeth were whitened with the most measurable difference occurring after 3 treatments. We did our research and ROCKSTAR White does use tried and true dental products as the company claims to.