Will This New Beauty Trend Leave You with Egg on Your Face?

By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

.Sure, Regina George's boyfriend might have enjoyed the peppermint smell on her face when she unknowingly used foot cream as moisturizer, but would you intentionally opt for a dessert-inspired spa treatment? At the Macdonald Manchester Hotel, that's an option, as guests can now avail themselves of the Manchester Custard Facial. Yes, custard.

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Using custard, coconut, and cherries, the facial is inspired by the Manchester Tart, which is traditionally baked with a shortcut pastry shell and filled with jam and custard, then topped with coconut and a maraschino cherry. Definitely something we've seen at family gatherings, but to eat rather than place all around one's face (table manners, people).

According to the spa, the ingredients work wonders on your skin: The custard's got vitamins A and C, while the coconut moisturizes and the cherry dissolves dead skin cells. The service, will be available next month, and costs $60 - or the price of 11 tarts from Tesco.

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