Beauty Tricks Real Women Swear By

Photo: Getty ImagesI hear advice from beauty experts all the time. Sometimes it’s great and interesting, sometimes it’s just plain impractical and unrealistic. But I always want to hear more from  real women and  the scoop on what works wonders for those of us who aren't pros. So I asked Yahoo Shine staffers, friends, and best of all, Shine readers on Facebook for their best beauty advice. And the response was fantastic.

Two specific recommendations were repeated by many of the women who shared advice, so let's get those two out of the way first:

1. The number-one tip I heard from women involved the wonders of coconut oil. Coconut oil can, apparently, do just about anything.  It can serve as hair conditioner, face cream, a face mask, and body cream. It helps eyelashes grow, soothes winter-chafed faces …  well, you see where this is going. The best part is, no mixing required. Just scoop it out of the tub and apply wherever you need moisture. It is  heavy, however, so most recommended it as a nighttime-only product.

2. Baking soda makes for a great exfoliator. Mix it with shampoo to clarify the scalp, mix with facial wash to smooth out the face, mix in with body wash for a limb-to-limb scrub down. This simple kitchen staple is well known for its sloughing properties. A word to the wise:A little goes a long way.
Check out the rest of the practical, easy,  and affordable tips real women shared with Shine and let us know what works for you!

To get the perfect smoky eye I use a piece of tape, put it on my arm so there isn't a lot it stickiness then put it on each eye going diagonal up so when I add my eyeliner and eye shadow t's a perfect cat eye. Then take it off.
— Rebecca P., via  Facebook

When your mascara runs out use it as a eyebrow brush .. .works awesome and adds a little color too.
— ChristiAna L., via Facebook

Skin Solvers
I have very oily skin so I use a bit of regular (non flavored) Milk of Magnesia on my face as a primer before makeup — it absorbs oil and keeps my skin matte. It also helps to cut shine if you use it as a mask for 10 minutes or so, and wipe clean before makeup.
— Wendy W., via Facebook

With problematic, acne-prone skin, I've tried every toner out there, but nothing is better than Dickenson's Witch Hazel Towelettes. It’s a simple drug store product that I think is amazing. You can kind of scrub your face with them, and feel super clean, but not dry and tight, after.
— Alanna L.

I rub natural lemon and honey mixture into skin regularly to kill bacteria on my face.
— Ahmed G., via Facebook

I use an aspirin mask to reduce redness and soothe skin: Just crush up some tablets into powder, mix with some water and honey, and apply to face. Leave on for 10 minutes, and then rinse.
— Michael A., via Facebook

I use baby powder in my hair when I'm out of dry shampoo. I sprinkle it in, then brush it through. Finally I flip my hair over and blast the roots for two minutes with a blowdryer. It gets rid of oil and gives me volume. Plus, the white blends into my blonde hair and makes it almost blonder!
— Ashley S., via Facebook

I had health issues earlier in the year and had terrible hair loss. I started taking folic acid & you wouldn't believe how healthy & thick my hair has become!
— Stephanie Lynn C., via Facebook

General Goodness
Palmer's Cocoa Butter is the best multipurpose buy and could beat out any high-end product in a beauty battle. I use it as face and hand lotion, eyeshadow primer, brow shaper and tamer, skin and scar corrector and perfume because no other scent is necessary when this is slathered all over your body.
— Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff

Baby shampoo to remove waterproof eye makeup and to clean makeup brushes. Inexpensive and one bottle really lasts!
— Frances B., via Facebook

Before applying red lipstick put eye shadow primer on your lips. It will help it stay better.
— Desiree D., via Facebook

I've been jumping into the ocean once a week to help clear up my rosacea. It started in mid-September after realizing how non-blotchy my face was after I'd been in the water — not sure why exactly, but this no-cost therapy is working. I'll continue it as long as I can bear it!
— Sofia Fernandez, Shine Staff

Liquid Biotin Hair Skin and Nails is the best. 5 drops in my morning coffee every morning, and it helps my joints too.
— Gillian S.

 Brush your nails withtoothpaste when they get yellow from wearing dark nail polish.
—Traci R., via Facebook

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