Can You Believe Women Are Wearing These Insane Lashes?

Call me weird, but I buy my fake lashes in bulk. It's an obsession that started when I was in college, and it's only gotten worse since moving to Los Angeles. Call it my falsies fixation.

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But while I stick to the standard strip of plain black lashes, it's amazing to see how far false eyelashes can go … literally. From diamond-encrusted lash extensions (see them here) to LED "lashlights" (right here), false eyelashes know no bounds. These trends may be too extreme for me, but go ahead and scroll down to see for yourself.

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Falsies Infatuation

Love-struck? Break out the diary, crank up the Biebs ... and indulge in these love-ly lashes.

Coiled Out

Loopy lashes look awesome, but how would you ever find a curling iron that small? (Joking).

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Happy Holidays

Who knew Christmas tree tinsel could be such a multi-purpose material?

Lucky Charms

You probably made friendship bracelets in summer camp, but what about beaded false eyelashes? Didn't think so. Unless your camp was run by Lady Gaga.

DIY Eyes

A Martha Stewart-approved craft: save those potpourri petals and make a pair of false eyelashes.

Extreme enough for your taste? Click here to see the rest.

So tell me: What's your favorite pair of extreme lashes? Leave your answer in the box below.

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