Bethenny Frankel Should Start a 'Skinnygirl' Swimwear Line (PHOTO)

bethenny frankelbethenny frankelUgh. The time of year that pretty much every woman in America dreads is slowly creeping up on us again -- bathing suit season. Doesn't the thought of it automatically make you shut your eyes and cringe a little bit?

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Celebrities, on the other hand, aren't afraid to strip down to a teeny bikini no matter what season of the year it is, because a huge component of their lives revolves around taking lavish vacations. And while there is plenty of pressure on celeb moms to have rock-hard bikini bodies, even they aren't exempt from bearing the scars of pregnancy in a bathing suit.

Take a look at this photo of Bethenny Frankel, for example. She's definitely a "Skinnygirl" -- but she appears to have a little bit of saggy skin going on around her mid-section. Don't get me wrong, she looks way better in a bikini than I could ever dream of. But I can't help but think that maybe she should've chosen a one-piece bathing suit instead.

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Bethenny deserves to show off her amazing bod and flaunt what she's got, but she doesn't need a bikini to do that. She would've looked just as lean and mean in a one-piece bathing suit, and she would've solved the problem of having any visible extra skin hanging out. But my guess is that despite the sagging, she won't be quitting two pieces anytime soon. That would just be way too "un-celeb" of her.

However, If Bethenny ever does have a change of heart on the whole bikini thing and decides to cover up a bit and put on a one-piece, she'll be doing moms everywhere a huge favor. Is anyone else sick and tired of feeling the pressure to look good in a bikini after having kids? Because it definitely exists. There seems to be some sort of big competition between moms to see who can wear the smallest swimsuit without actually looking like they've ever had a baby. But wait, we are parents, so why should we have to appear to be anything different while lounging poolside? It just doesn't seem fair.

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Bethenny could totally use her celeb status to start a new trend and bring one-piece bathing suits back in fashion. How great would that be? She could be the poster mom for looking good on the beach while still staying true to who you are, and accepting the fact that your body just isn't ever really the same after babies come along. She could even expand her "Skinnygirl" concept into a line of mom-friendly swimsuits. OMG. I wanna go out and buy a couple already.

Did you stop wearing bikinis after you had kids?

Image via Pacific Coast News

Written by Mary Fischer for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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