Bust Out of Your Beauty Rut

Petra Guglielmetti, Glamour magazine

So now that you're all sticking your mascara in your bras every morning, I have two more quickie beauty tricks to help shake up your usual, ho-hum daily routine.

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These two beauty ideas, spotted on celebs over the past couple days, are both easy ways to make your look a bit less blah and boring without expending much effort.

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Idea No. 1: Side-part your hair, then braid a small front section and pin it back. Easy peasy, super cute, and more likely to score compliments than your same-old half-up hairdo.

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Idea No. 2: Pop on a perky, vivid pink lipstick shade. No, wearing bright lipstick isn't a revolutionary idea, but I think this pic of Kate's gorgeous lip color gives us all an extra kick in the bum to actually do it.

Which of these two easy beauty ideas would you maybe try this week/weekend?

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