Which Candidate's Wife Gets Your Beauty Vote? Ann Romney or Michelle Obama?

There were tears, applause, and a major debate brewing following Ann Romney and Michelle Obama's convention speeches. And it wasn't a question of who was more moving or persuasive -- on a much more shallow level, people have been buzzing about who looked better.

Sure we care about family values, jobs, and taxes but political squabbles aside, how about them nails?

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As Michelle Obama emphatically gestured with her well-manicured hands, Twitter was blowing up with tweets about her blue/gray polish. Ann Romney's cherry red nails (which matched her dress perfectly) also drew a ton of buzz.

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Regardless of how things go at the polls in November, one thing's certain, we'll be sure to have a fashionable FLOTUS for the next four years. While we'll have to wait to see which husband wins the vote, you can cast your beauty ballot now; party affiliations aside, which wife do you think looked better? Vote now!

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