Get Casually Cool Strands Without Your Hair Dryer

by Nicole Cantanese

Terry DoyleTerry DoyleStep away from the [insert your hot tool of choice]: blow-dryer, flatiron, curling iron. We've got smokin' looks that don't require scorching. A few strategic twists and you'll look like you're on a photo shoot at the mercy of a wind machine.

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1. Mist clean, damp hair with a salt-based texturizing spray to get that full, rumpled look and to keep strands from falling flat, says Jen Atkin, a stylist for Clear Hair in Los Angeles.

2. Lift top sections, spritzing underneath at the roots. This gives hair "windblown" body without the help of actual wind.

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Terry DoyleTerry Doyle3. Secure hair in two low pigtails. Divide each in half and twist the two pieces around each other, tying ends. Wind; pin twists against head. (Check out this picture at the left -- this is how your mane should look. Tip: Try securing strands with fabric hair bands, which won't leave weird ridges.) When hair's dry, unravel and run fingers through it.

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