Celebrity Fashion/Beauty Online Correspondent & Published Author, Sparkle Hyche Talks Posture Perfect...One Way to Nip the Nip/tuck

Everyone pays so much attention to Hollywood and their beauty secrets. How to get shinier hair, glowing skin while gorging themselves on Vitamins A, C and D when they are leaving out the most important Vitamin of all...Vitamin P! Posture is seriously underrated . Society and Hollywood wants leaner figures, flatter tummies, more confidence and massive sex appeal when Healthy Posture is the answer to all those things.

Healthy posture not only improves appearance, vitality and confidence, but a properly aligned posture reduces back and shoulder pain. Perfect poise also cuts out tension headaches and reduces spinal injuries.

It's not all only spinal and back problems either, Researchers have found a link between poor posture and depression. Also slouching postures send the message you are tired or have low self-esteem. Says Dr. Drew , The Hollywood physical therapist mentions in his book Red Carpet Posture " A red carpet posture also will make you appear taller and thinner." he adds.

Poor posture is probably my biggest pet peeve, repeat offenders like Emma Watson and actress Michelle Williams are notorious for their horrible posture..which looks awkwardly uncomfortable and does nothing for the designers dress. One person that exudes such confidence is international model and burlesque star Dita Von Teese. She takes her stance and pose very seriously, but if you were featured in a gigantic martini glass bare down to your unmentionables, you'd be serious too.

Michelle Williams

Emma Watson

I was a dancer so I guess that's one of the reasons why I have good posture. Besides the fact that my mother drilled it into my head. Yes, she even taught me the infamous "Book on top of your head trick" which really works. I agree that good posture contributes to attractiveness, and it does make you look more confident.