Celebs Without Makeup -- Normal or Gnarly?

The perks of being a celebrity: Tons of money, adoring fans, the best clothes and makeup, no waiting in lines, and the ability to hire someone else to take care of all your life problems (i.e. publicist, assistant, driver, maid, trainer … you get the gist).

The downside of being a celebrity: Fake tabloid stories, public break-ups, and getting caught not wearing makeup, like these celebs.

Yup, that last concern is a real one. After seeing thousands of photos of a star with picture perfect skin and a sexy pout, a non-made up face comes as quite a shock. Although, we admit it's pretty nice to see an actual celeb who looks a little more like us, as in dark under eye circles, uneven skin tone, and even a pimple or two. (Looking at you, Katie Holmes.)

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This week alone, four major celebs appeared in public without makeup -- two of them even posted their own pics themselves. Take a look, then tell us: Do you think these stars look beautiful or busted without makeup?

Taylor Swift
We're used to seeing Taylor all glammed up, but this pic reminds us that she's just another 22-year-old.

Mariah Carey
If we were stuck in a recording studio all day, we'd ditch the makeup too.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Who knew J. Love looked like half our staff in the morning, coffee cup in hand and all?

Kim Kardashian

Kim K. recently tweeted this photo of herself, along with the line "sweatpants hair tie chillin with no make up on," from Drake's "Best I Ever Had," While we don't buy that Kim K. is wearing NO makeup in this photo, we do like that she has a more realistic body type than your average six-pack wielding celeb.

Now tell us: Do you think these stars look beautiful or busted without makeup?

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