How to Choose the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

Which haircut is right for your face shape?Which haircut is right for your face shape?Have you ever wondered why a chic pixie can look one way on one face, and then totally different on another? Or why some people can pull off blunt bangs while others are better suited to wispy fringe, or none at all? Well, it has a lot to do with face shape. Certain haircuts and styles can accentuate or downplay strong facial features. We've done the research and found out which cuts are recommended (and which aren't) for oval, round, heart and square faces. Check out 3 gorgeous looks for each face shape:

For ROUND faces:

Asymmetrical CutsAsymmetrical Cuts 1. Asymmetrical Cuts
If you have wide cheeks without any sharp-angled features, an asymmetrical cut (a piecey cut with a mix of lengths) will add some angles and shape. A side-swept bang is especially flattering, adding definition to your face.

Avoid: Blunt bangs, one-length hair, chin-length bobs (one length), and any hairstyle that adds width to the side of your face.

Face-Framing Long HairFace-Framing Long Hair2. Face-Framing Long Hair

If you prefer long hair (and especially if you prefer a center part), add some face-framing angles starting at the chin. It'll reduce bulk around your face and chop up the round shape.

Layered PixieLayered Pixie3. Layered Pixie

Round-faced beauties like Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin prove that a pixie cut can be incredibly flattering. Add some longer layers with a little height up top to elongate your face.

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For SQUARE faces:

Long and StraightLong and Straight1. Long and Straight

Some of the most famous square-faced beauties (like Demi Moore and Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) wear their hair very long and sleek with a center part. A center part opens up the face, complimenting a strong jawline, and long hair softens an angular face.

For wavy hair, try smoothing the top and having waves from the chin down to help blend a sharp jawline.

Avoid: Any cut that creates a boxy look, like blunt bangs and bobs.

Messy, Layered ShagMessy, Layered Shag2. Messy, Layered Shag

For shoulder-length hair, go for the messy, tousled look with lots of piecey layers - especially if you want bangs, like Rachel McAdams. Layers and loose curls or waves add a softer look to a square face shape.

Tapered BobTapered Bob3. Tapered Bob
If you want to cut your hair short, square-faced women (like the gorgeous Keira Knightley) look good with a layered bob that starts at the chin and tapers up the back. It creates a rounded shape to soften your features.

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Side-swept BangsSide-swept Bangs1. Side-swept Bangs

Those with a heart-shaped face tend to have a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones that narrow into a pointy chin. Dramatically side-swept bangs look flattering for any length hair - long, short, and even pixies - because it balances out your heart-shaped face.

Avoid: Heavy, choppy cuts that add volume to the top of your head.

Bouncy BobBouncy Bob2. Bouncy Bob

Heart-shaped faces tend to come to a point, so chin-length hair with bouncy volume can help fill in the chin area, adding more of a round shape than a sharp triangle.

Long LayersLong Layers3. Long Layers

If you prefer longer hair, you can still fill in the triangular chin area with layers that start below the ears and/or more voluminous waves from the ears down. Keep the top of your hair sleek to balance out a heart-shaped face.

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For OVAL faces:

Waves/LayersWaves/Layers1. Waves and Layers

If you have an oval face, you're one of the lucky ones. Pretty much any hairstyle will look good with your well-balanced facial features.

If your face is a little on the longer side, you'll want to find a haircut that fills out your face and adds some width. And if your oval face has sharper angles (like a diamond shape), you'll want to create soft lines with movement.

No matter what kind of oval face you have, waves help add some width and softness - especially for those with a center part, which tends to lengthen your face as is.

Straight BangsStraight Bangs2. Straight Bangs
This is one of the few face shapes that look really good with blunt full bangs - making your face look wider and not quite as long.

Avoid: Volume on top of your head, which lengthens an already long face.

Edgy, Side-Swept PixieEdgy, Side-Swept Pixie3. Edgy Side-Swept Pixie

Rihanna made this "notice me" style famous, and it's perfect for adding some angles to an oval face and emphasizing your cheekbones.

- By Michelle Horton
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