Have a Coke and a Vitality Boost?

The good people at the Coca-Cola Company, who have been happily fulfilling our sugary, carbonated drink needs since 1886, want to change things up a smidge. They're introducing a line of health drinks called: Beautific.

Launching in France later this year, the line will debut with four different drinks, each addressing a specific beauty issue. First up? Hair health, weight loss, sun exposure and general vitality. Oui, oui, mon ami.

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For this venture into uncharted territory, the world's largest soft drink maker has teamed up with French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, And, surprise, the beauty elixir will be sold in pharmacies -- not grocery stores.

Both corporations are hopeful that this beverage offering will revive more than just consumers' vitality -- they're looking to revamp their images into those of healthier, more trustworthy brands. With Coca-Cola under fire for its unhealthy beverages amid rising obesity rates and Sanofi's pervasive image as a drug company, the stakes are high.

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If the testing is successful, Beautific will eventually make its way to the U.S. market -- and for just $2.60 a bottle, could become a cheap alternative to spendy creams and vitamins. What do you think? Can the makers of your favorite fizzy drink also be trusted with your complexion?

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