Conflict Free Jewelry Does Not Mean "Crazed Hippies' Work"

Silver Initial Pendant by Brilliant EarthHow much do your values agree with your jewelry? Yes, this is one big, serious question I pose. Think about it.

You might have seen my original tidbit on Brilliant Earth recently. Take my word for a brief moment; I have a valid point here, so please listen as I channel my inner Leonardo DiCaprio on social awareness. I want to show you directly how a necklace I am wearing doesn't look like what "crazed hippies" wear. In my first short piece, I sort of talked about it. I know how different it is actually showing everyone, "This is how it looks in pictures and away from their set." I have heard people downplay the diamond/mining industry's "conflict free" label as something "them liberals talk about." I am not kidding. Whether Republicans or Democrats - no matter! - we all need to be aware of how much nothing is what it seems when we go out shopping. Those jewels in NYC's Diamond District? Yes, the necklace you bought over the holidays? Where did that come from? You don't know? Ah, right.

Now...the Brilliant Earth Pendant worn by me, Richárde aka. Nicole RussinBrilliant Earth donates 5 percent of sales to "local communities harmed by the diamond industry." They are the retailer most recommended by the Conflict Free Diamond Council. You can read about how they use recycled metals in their jewelry on the website. For a company based in San Francisco, you can only expect them to be advanced like the rest of California for the environment! But back to what I was saying. The necklace I am wearing in the pictures is the Initial Pendant, which is an affordable, cheaper piece in their line available for $75. I have been wearing this out very often because I think it blends in with all my clothes seamlessly from casual to dressy. Conflict free jewelry looks as good, if not better than anything you find in mainstream locations like Bergdorf Goodman.

It photographs beautifully! It is a piece you can wear anywhere, from school to work to going out to the movies, or as an aiming for Jessica Rabbit-esque, retro look in my pictures! The chain is delicate, but when you look at it closely, it is a miniature intertwining rope. I chose the letter "N" because though I go by Richárde for a pen/chef/stage name, I use the legal name Nicole Russin in my day to day life.
Last shot of the pendant - does it make me look retro cool enough? has an excellent article explaining what "conflict free" means in everyday language if you are confused here. Of course, Brilliant Earth can be found at, but in addition to them, please do research in the future when you buy jewelry. Tiffany's is the only other company off the top of my head that proclaims it is conflict free. OK, on second thought, Cartier also. Please rethink when you try to save money! A pawn shop is going to tell you anything you want to hear. Do not listen to them! Rather, look every retailer up to determine where to go when you buy an engagement ring for your special someone. Let's say you don't like Brilliant Earth - I do, but the whole world might not share my love of their pieces - then by all means, please find a retailer supporting positive regulations and corporate beliefs. Your money will do plenty of good in the world...