Coolest Manicure Ever? Katy Perry's Hand-Painted "Daria" Nails

tbtb2012 has been an epic year for celebrity nail effects -- especially at the major award shows. Remember Adele's glittery Grammy "Louboutin" mani and Rihanna's 24 karat gold nail polish?

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And, of course the stars leveraged exposure from last weekend's Emmy awards to display some truly copycat-worthy nail art. Everyone's favorite "adorkable" actress, Zooey Deschanel, showcased miniature televisions on her thumbs (almost as cool as the tuxedo manicure she wore at the Golden Globes) and Kelly Osbourne (in all her gray/purple haired glory) went with a jaw-dropping $250, 000 nail polish made from black diamonds.

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And, although she wasn't at the Emmy's, Katy Perry -- who regularly tweets photos of her outrageous nail art, including decals of her now ex-husband Russell Brand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and even the Smurfs -- kept the TV theme going when she showed up in Tokyo yesterday with the cast of MTV's cult '90s show, "Daria," on her nails. What made the retro mani even cooler? The faces from the animated series were hand painted -- no decals to portray Jake, Helen, Quinn, and Jane, that would have been downright déclassé.

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What do you think? Should Katy Perry's nail art be crowned coolest of the year? What's been your favorite crazy celebrity manicure?


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