Do Cooling Beauty Products Really Work?

Jivamukti China Gel, $23, Jivamuktiyoga.comJivamukti China Gel, $23, Jivamuktiyoga.comBy Jean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

I hate to be hot! (As in the temperature.) Do cooling beauty products really work? -Gabrielle

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Dear Gabrielle,

I love to be hot and hate to be cold, and yet even I cannot resist the lemonade-mint body scrub from Giovanni ($15, when it's really hot outside. The mint sinks into your skin and keeps cooling-like a mini AC unit-long after you're out of the shower. It really has to be the most delightful summer beauty product in existence. Anything with mint oil is refreshing-like the fantastic Origins mint shampoo ($15, the scrub is especially long-cooling. There are also cooling undereye products pretty much everywhere you look-they work, but if I had no AC, I would definitely spend my money on the body scrub.

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If you are a yoga fan, get the menthol-inflected pale blue China Gel from Jivamukti. Put it on the back of your neck or on your lower back right before class. Somehow, it kicks in its coolness right when you need it most.

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