Could You Handle the Truth? Bethenny's Revealing Skincare Diagnosis

I had my moment of truth at skin-care spa Truth + Beauty, in Roslyn, New York, the other day. I stuck my face into a high-tech "visio" machine that analyzes your skin - and it took the most hideous picture of my face, me without a stitch of makeup on. But I'm willing to try anything if it helps me plan my skincare routine a little better. Listen below to what my beauty technician had to say about my skin:

I'm a big believer in sunscreen, so I definitely went a little bananas when I heard I have UV damage - turns out pretty much everyone does, so that's even more of a reason to use sunblock, even when you're doing something half-outdoors, like driving a car.

Rock star Truth + Beauty expert Cori Goldfarb was sweet enough to share a few of her pro skincare tips with me. They're even more essential now that it's summer and you're hanging out at the beach - or clinking margaritas on the patio.

Use sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen!
"Look for products labeled 'broad-spectrum' as they protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. Studies show the most effective amount of sunscreen required is a teaspoon for the face and a shot glass for the body, and it should be applied every two hours. Other smart suggestions: Always wear sunglasses and invest in a cute summer hat!" (Spoiler alert: I got a big floppy one - look at the video below to see it for yourself.)

Keep hydrated both inside and out.
"Increase your hydration by drinking lots of water and applying intensive serums made from hyaluronic acid, perfect when layered underneath a rich moisturizer. Hydrating face spritzers are a great way to add moisture during the day when you're on the go."

Don't use perfume when you know you'll be outdoors.
Be careful - your favorite scent may be increasing your chances to burn and pigment. Certain perfumes containing citrus notes are photosensitive, causing the skin to develop dark spots in the sun. To be safe, avoid fragrances when you are going to be in the sun.

The best quick fix for a sunburn doesn't require special lotions.
"If you do get a burn, the goal is to reduce inflammation - and fast! Take an aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce the redness. Soak a facecloth in a bowl of ice and apply it to the area for 10 minutes followed by an application of hydrocortisone cream."

Repair and treat sun damage as part of a long-term care plan.
"Overexposure to the sun causes photo-aging in the form of brown spots, regardless of whether you have burned your skin or not. Look for products that contain tretinoin, azelaic acid, and kojic acid to fade the appearance of superficial brown spots. Try chemical peels, intense pulsed light, and micro-needling for more effective solutions to fading deeper sun and age brown spots."

And now for my big hat reveal - and I do mean big! Hats I do well with; hats and I get along. What do you think of my brand-new accessory?