How to Cover Dark Undereye Circles

by Elizabeth Siegel

Pasha Antonov/WWDPasha Antonov/WWD
Maybe you already love facial primer. Maybe you're one of those people who's only vaguely aware it even exists. But if you've got undereye circles (i.e., you're a human being) there's one really cool use for primer--specifically, color-correcting primers with a yellow tint.

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Yellow primer can neutralize blue undereye circles, and because it's so sheer, it's easy to blend, explains makeup artist Joanna Schlip. She recommends dabbing a teeny bit over dark circles (try Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer in Yellow), and then spreading your foundation on top. "If your circles are very dark, you can tap regular concealer over the primer, and then layer on your foundation," she says. Bonus: Because primer contains silicone to fill in wrinkles, it'll also prevent makeup from creasing in smile lines. Hey, we all have those too...

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