Custom Nail Solutions: Salon Nails at Home

If you hate doing your nails at the spa, a new product allows you to recreate the same salon look at home.
Katie Saxton of Custom Nail Solutions
"The original idea was invented by a cosmetic dentist. So when a set of nails is created for that client they will fit no one else but her, just like a dental veneer. The client has control over where, when and how long she would like to wear her nails. She also can have multiple sets: shorter for her work environment and a longer set for weekends and special occasions," says Katie Saxton, President of Custom Nail Solutions.

The nail sets are available in five lengths: Sport, Active, Fashion, Glamour and Stiletto.

"For the corporate women the shorter lengths Sport or Active with a simple top coat or sheer would be appropriate for a professional environment. The longer lengths are very fun and glamourous. You may apply any color or brand nail polish, apply nail art or nail wraps to your custom fit nails," Saxton says. "When you are done with that look it may be removed with nail polish remover."
Custom Nail Solutions
Custom Nail Solutions retails for $139.95. For more information, visit

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