Danica Patrick Bulks Up Bigtime for Super Bowl 2014

Danica Patrick's new look (Pacific Coast News)NASCAR diva Danica Patrick turned heads on Wednesday — and not for modeling in a bikini (which she's done twice for Sports Illustrated) or her signature acid-green racing togs. The 31-year-old was spotted looking like a massive she-Hulk heading up a Los Angeles foot race in a black sports bra and chartreuse booty shorts. Only last week, the petite brunette got gussied up as a showgirl for the American Country Music Awards and joked, "The good thing about me is that there's no chance of a wardrobe malfunction…there's not much to malfunction!" She added with a wink: "I hope that little bit didn't fall flat."

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So, what gives with the new bodybuilder look? There's actually no need to call in the doping police to test for illegal enhancing drugs. Turns out, the world's most successful female racecar driver was actually wearing a hyper-realistic muscle suit, complete with a hardcore six-pack, ripped biceps, and bulging veins. Managing to smile despite what appeared to be about 75 pounds of sweltering, sweaty latex on her body, Patrick was filming a new commercial by her sponsor GoDaddy, which will air during Super Bowl XLVIII.

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Patrick at the American Country Music Awards (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Last year, squeezed into a black leather moto jacket and skinny jeans, she appeared in the game's much-talked about ad that gagged millions of viewers featuring sexpot model Bar Refaeli making out with ubernerd Jesse Heiman. Patrick has starred in a number of other provocative ads for GoDaddy as well, usually barely dressed and alluding to the fact that, for some of her fans, her looks are just as important as her driving skills.

But Patrick has managed to straddle the line between sex symbol and superstar in a sport that's as turbocharged with testosterone as they come. By brushing off sexism and being objectified — like a puff of track dust — she has, as a postfeminist powerhouse, worked it all to her advantage. In early 2013, she told Yahoo, "People have been pretty cool from the beginning. I didn't grow up in an era where women weren't allowed in the pits or women weren't accepted. I've grown up in an era where people are excited for it."

Meanwhile, GoDaddy says Patrick's new ad is an attempt to move away from relying on half-naked bombshells to sell their product. "The women you'll see in our Super Bowl commercials this year will be super-smart, successful small-business owners," Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer told USA Today. GoDaddy? Go, Danica!

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