Do or Dare: 7 Edgy Hair Trends for the Bold

Do you dare to try these edgy hair trends?Do you dare to try these edgy hair trends?Hello, trendsetters! Looking for edgy hairstyle inspirations? Lucky for you, we have found 9 strikingly bold hair trends to pull off this summer. And trust us, we guaranteed it turn heads once they get a glimpse. We fell in love with these adventurous and exotic looks, and we think you will, too!

Read more below and learn how to try these 7 edgy hair trends this summer:

Dip-Dyed Pink HairDip-Dyed Pink HairDip-Dyed Pink Hair
I know, I know. Easier for blondes than brunettes, right? Blondies: Dip your hair tips in any vibrant shade from the rainbow. Brunettes: Bleach your ends and go platinum, or any shade that isn't a dark hue. I've seen it done before!
Image Credit: Maisons Blanches

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Dyed BangsDyed BangsDyed Bangs
Of all the hair dye trends I have seen so far, this is the first time I came across the dyed bangs style! If you're not willing to go all the way with this trend, test out a few colors with temporary hair coloring first. I'm doing this when I get home...
Image Credit: Babble

Head ChainHead ChainHead Chain
Be a goddess for the day and lay a cross chain over your head. This accessory looks best with a delicate and loose hairstyle. Blow out your hair or braid pigtails like the model in the picture to achieve this look.
Image Credit: The Fashion Diary Blog

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Wrap Around the PonytailWrap Around the PonytailWrap Around The Ponytail
We've seen hair wrapped around the ponytail, metal bands, flowers, etc. But take that extra step and wrap a wide mesh band instead. It's a sleek look worth pulling off.
Image Credit: Glamour Magazine

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All Twisted UpAll Twisted UpAll Twisted Up
Just keep on twisting, keep on twisting... Seriously, don't stop! Try freehand twisting without knowing what you'll end up with and see what comes out from all that handwork! Surprises are always good.
Image Credit: Le Fashion Image

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Faux Finger WavesFaux Finger WavesFaux Finger Waves
Vintage waves are back! Get your hot iron and hair spray ready girls, this is a tough one to create. But if I can look this put together and sartorial, I don't care how much effort it takes!
Image Credit: Natasha Tynanwriter

The Mod BobThe Mod BobThe Mod Bob
The 60's might be gone, but you can still get this Mod Bob look. With a bit of hair teasing using a comb, hair spray, and bobby pins you can get the "off-the-runway" look right at home.
Image Credit: Fashionising

- By Rachelle Wilde
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