You Should Definitely Start Wearing THESE If You Want Your Eyes to Look a Little Sexier

by India-Jewel Jackson

courtesy of Velour Lashescourtesy of Velour Lashes

I know a lot of you aren't fans of extra-exaggerated false lower lashes, but I'm guessing that's because more often than not, they're presented in the form of OTT individual clusters that look obviously fake and Twiggy-like (as seen on Kerry Washington last year). But what if I showed you a strip of flirty, feathery falsies that blended seamlessly into your lower lash lines...would you be into them then?

That's the Velour Lashes' Style Me Kardashian Lower Lashes ($24.99, Here's how amazing they look on.

courtesy of Velour Lashescourtesy of Velour LashesAnd as you can probably surmise, I'm absolutely OBSESSED. They're mink, so the hairs look incredibly natural and ultra fluttery. Plus, the crisscross pattern closely mimics that of your own bottom lashes, so they look much more realistic yet quite doll-like.

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Now tell me: Lower false lashes--yea or nay?

P.S. Or you could just use Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, $10,

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