Dentist Reveals Strange Secret to Kate Middleton's Smile

When Kate Middleton got engaged, her smile became noticeably brighter. Was it love or a really good dentist?

The latter, according to Dr. Bernard Touati, a close friend and colleague of Kate's rumored dentist Didier Fillion. In an interview with The Times Magazine, Touati claims that Fillion sculpted the Duchess' teeth, using a radical new approach to creating the perfectly 'imperfect' smile.

"He did some little micro-rotations on Kate Middleton so that it looks like a natural, healthy smile, but not artificial," Touati said.

Micro-rotation is a process that targets each tooth from positioning to shape, in order to complement a person's overall look, as opposed to creating the textbook one-size-fits-all smile. Fillion's innovative process requires invisible braces applied behind the teeth to slightly shift each tooth in various directions so they're neat but not precisely aligned. Another approach is chiseling each tooth for a look that's described in the industry as "harmonious asymmetry."

Fillion has never confirmed his royal client list, but in addition to Middleton, he's believed to treat Monaco's royal family on a monthly basis.

What makes his work so coveted is his approach to creating a natural, rather than perfect, smile.

"In Europe we want something more adapted to each personality, not like America. Tom Cruise's teeth are too perfect for me," Dr. Fillion has said. "I don't like teeth that look like piano keys,"

Neither does Madonna. Remember her intentional gap tooth phase? And how about Kristen Dunst's snaggled fang that's helped foster her edgy, indie credibility. On his website, Fillion states his philosophy simply: "Smile is a language. "

As the kind of celebrity more often photographed than interviewed, Kate's teeth had to speak volumes about her image. They needed to to be both polished and slightly imperfect, both regal and grounded, in order to appeal to a wide audience. And Fillion was just the man to do it-his innovative dental practices go beyond technology into what sounds more like psychoanalysis. " I consider every single patient as a unique individual with a past history, with concerns, and also with dreams," he writes on his website. "It is important for me to understand what the patient wishes to achieve through his orthodontic treatment."

Does a princes really need dental therapy? When your teeth are constantly competing with those crazy hats, you better believe it.


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