Did You Hear the Hoopla About Jennifer Aniston Shaving Her Head?

by Beth Shapouri

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWhile a lot of you were off celebrating the holiday, a rumor went around some social media channels that Jennifer Aniston shaved off her hair to support a niece who is battling cancer.

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The post suggested that the little girl starting to say she didn't feel pretty because her hair was falling out, so Jennifer decided to take hers off her, with her quoted as saying, "This Christmas I'll be her mirror."

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It does sound like something supportive Jen might do-and there was even a picture (check it out on justjared.com). Oh, and she did say she'd rather shave her head than get "the Rachel" again. Alas, it's a hoax. People.com is reporting it was set to be an April Fool's joke of an unnamed site.

Jennifer Aniston still has hair, folks. Your last few days of 2013 can continue on as expected.

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