Digital Perfume: The Bizarre New Product to Hit the Market

By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High

Bond No. 9

We love the digital age as much as the next online maven, but does making a fragrance digital take things too far? Bond No. 9 New York, the company famous for "making the scents of New York," has decided to throw a curveball into the world of fragrance-and it's something we would've never expected.

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Beginning in June 2013, the digital fragrance, which doubles as a 3D QR code, will be available to consumers for purchase.

HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM, we know you're probably wondering what a digital fragrance smells like, right? Though we can explain it as fresh, fruity and woody, we've never actually smelled the fragrance-because it's not being sold in stores, and the only way to smell it is if you've already purchased the perfume.

Founder and owner of Bond No. 9 Laurice Rahme said of the new fragrance, "We really wanted to capture what is going on in the world. Everybody is online. Everybody is mobile. So we have to do a fragrance for that world. It's a different world." We agree that today's world is clearly online and mobile, but some things call for a traditional way of doing things, like smelling a perfume before making it your signature scent. Plus, the un-smellable scent that boasts a "universal, something that everybody likes, and young," costs $250. Call us old fashioned, but we like to know what we're going to smell like for a chunk of change that large.

Would you spend $250 to buy a perfume you'd never smelled before? Sound off in the comments below!

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