Ditch Your Flat Iron for This!

Photo courtesy of bumbleandbumble.comPhoto courtesy of bumbleandbumble.comBy Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

I've been on a mission to get rid of my flat iron for a couple of months now, not only because I think it's hurtin' my hair but also because it just takes too much darn time! I thought about testing out a Keratin blow-out but decided to give Bumble and Bumble's Concen-straight treatment a try first.

Instead of breaking the S-bonds in hair, Bumble & Bumble's treatment bends them, meaning that frizz and overall volume are lessened while your natural waves are left intact. The process, combined with their Concen-straight product line, are said to leave hair smoother and more manageable than before, without giving you that whole pin straight look.

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As someone with only mildly wavy hair, I thought this might be the perfect treatment for me. I blow-dry every morning and only add the flat iron step because my hair tends to get puffy, frizzy and oddly triangular without it. Sounds awesome, right?!

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But the straight iron look is just not working for me anymore. I just don't need my hair to be this straight. Natural texture is in and, anyway, I want my mornings back!

I'm loving the subtle (but significant!) difference the system has made in making my hair more sleek and smooth straight outta the shower. A simple blow dry is totally enough now.

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I still might try Keratin someday (Bumble's treatment is a bit pricey and, as with the others, not permanent) or, who knows, maybe I'll embrace my natural texture 100%. Either way, I'm glad to have a few weeks off from the flat iron! What a relief!

Tell me, do you straighten your hair? What tools, products or treatments work for you?

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