What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health?

Pretty Eh?Sometimes you wish you knew what was going on in that silly little body of yours.

You got eight hours of sleep every night last week but felt like a walking Zombie. You've been putting on a few extra lb's though you got enough mileage in last week to make Prefontaine look like a wimp. And the metal detectors went off at the airport the other day and you were, well, metal-less. Hmm … a slight hint?

As it turns out, your hair follicles are quite the crime scene - behind the yellow tape are the clues as to why your body is performing like a two-pump chump.

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Mobile nutritionist Meg Gotelli unlocks all the secrets to your nutritional needs through a snip of your hair. Easily collected, Meg comes to your office or home, with bag and scissors in tow, to meet and collect a small hair sample to send in for lab results. Yeah, but are they accurate? Analyzing more than 50,000 hair samples a year, the state-of-the-art lab boasts sophisticated ICP-Mass Spectometry and monthly QA/QC studies to confirm accuracy. If you don't live in sunny California, Meg can do all of this virtually by sending in a hair follicle via snail mail, then explaining the results and providing consultation via phone and email.

But what's that snip gonna tell? A lot, indeed. When you get your blood taken by a physician or specialist, it only reveals 24 hours worth of your body's chemistry. But at the root of your hair, six weeks of your body's chemistry gets locked into your hair shaft as it grows from your scalp.

Feeling tired or burnt out? Maybe you've got adrenal fatigue. Since minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium show up in your results, a hair analyst can identify an imbalance of minerals as an instigator of low energy, as well as which gland is weak. These glands may be tiny, but they are responsible for about 100 bodily tasks, including keeping your energy, hormones and sugar balanced.

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Wonder if the lead in your lipstick or your hair dye is in your body? Or maybe why you're setting off metal detectors like a lost treasure at sea? Too much mercury - cool it on the sushi. If so, Meg puts you on the metal detox program to support your body in getting rid of toxic elements; email support keeps you on target. In Meg's philosophy, a big reason for getting your hair mineral analysis is to keep you healthy not only in the present, but in the future. Beauty and wellness is determined by what you eat, drink and supplement, met by what you don't. File the case, Caruso. This crime is solved.