Does Makeup Matter Too Much?

Many of us have probably thanked the makeup gods on those mornings when we roll out of bed to find we don't quite recognize the tired eyes staring back in the mirror. But what if you feel this way every morning? Jezebel reports about a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Renfrew Center Foundation that shows nearly half of us, 44 percent, feel negatively about ourselves when not wearing makeup.

Makeup is so mainstream in our culture that many women feel naked if they go even one day without it. And who can blame them when we hear about a scientific study suggesting women who wear makeup are perceived by others to be more competent, likeable, and trustworthy.

There have been some efforts in recent years to encourage women to ditch the lipstick every once in a while. SheSpeaks reported about a trend known as "Makeup Free Mondays" where women were challenged to come to work au natural once a week. The idea is that going makeup-free every once in a while can help a woman realize her inner beauty and maybe change the overall perception that professional women need cosmetics to appear competent.

How do you feel about your makeup free appearance?

What is your beauty routine before work? Have you ever gone to work sans makeup?

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