Don't Leave Your Skin High and Dry! Let Off Some Steam with a Techy Personal Facial Humidifier

Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray
You know I love kooky things. Yes, if it's slightly odd (read: this Japanese aluminum mask) , counterintuitive or super beauty gadget-y, I'm in!

That's why when I learned about Cenoire Novo Atomizer Mist Spray ($39), I couldn't wait to give it a whirl. I'm already a huge fan of makeup finishing sprays, and heck, steam facials - so of course this sleek personal facial humidifier would be up my alley.

You're just a few batteries and a power button away from misting your skin to a dewy, fresh glow!

Here's how it works: Water from the reservoir is atomized into nano particles which are steamed right onto the surface of your skin and are said to absorb deeper leaving skin feeling moisturized and more elastic. Sans makeup is key, but I've found that you can moisturize mid-day - just don't steam for the full four minutes with a face full of paint! Just 30 seconds will do the trick.

Stuffy office or cube? Dew up your personal space by using the four minute auto shut-off feature as well!

Personal note
: Finally Summer's outta here and I no longer have to worry about my bang frizz-factor. If you're a fringe friend, make sure to clip those puppies back before you turn up the heat!

Full steam ahead ladies! Will you be giving this device a try this winter?