How To: Donut Sprinkle Nail Art

Donut Sprinkle Nail ArtOn days when nothing's going right (food baby in the belly, hovering boss, ex posting a million pics of his new GF on Facebook), nail art still has an uncanny ability to make us smile.

Here, artist and certified nail technician, Breanne Trammell shows us how to create donut sprinkle nail art.

BrushesBrushesTo master Donut Sprinkle nail art you will need a few nail tools. You can either use polish that comes with a long thin brush, or go to a craft store and buy a cheap thin brush that will allow for you to make the thin sprinkle look.

To choose what colors you will use, Trammell suggests looking at a picture of a donut with sprinkles to get inspired. As her base color, Trammell uses Essie's Ballet Slipper. Available at, $7.75.

For the sprinkles Trammell recommends using three to four bright, contrasting colors. She uses a hot pink, purple, and blue. Once you've gotten your polishes and brushes together, you're ready to begin!

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Step 1: Start with clean hands and nails.

Step 2: File and buff as your prefer and apply a clear base coat.

Step 3: Paint each nail with your base color. Tammell recommends a light, frosting-like color, that will allow the sprinkles to look like they're popping off your nails.

Step 4: After the base color has dried, use one color at a time on each nail to paint little sprinkles that vary in size and position. Don't worry about making mistakes, donut sprinkles aren't perfect either!

SprinklesStep 5:Repeat the sprinkles with two to three other colors, waiting to start on another until the prior color is completely dry.

Step 6: When you're finished painting the sprinkles apply a clear top coat.

Step 7: Let nails dry and go show them off to your friends, making them hungry for donuts.

Step 8: Go eat a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. Enjoy!

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