Editors' Reveal Their Embarrassing Beauty Products

We've all heard the mantra, "Beauty is pain," but the truth is our beauty regimens are sometimes more embarrassing than painful. From butt pads and bump-its, to press on nails and dirty Q-Tips, we all have beauty items we'd rather keep to ourselves … until now ...

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We're getting over our shame to show you what's really inside our beauty bags. If you thought dropping a tampon out of your purse was horrifying, we don't know what you'd do if some of these items spilled out of your bag. Scroll down to check out some of our most embarrassing beauty items or click here for the entire list ...

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Diaper Rash Ointment

"The most embarrassing thing in my beauty bag? That would have to be diaper rash ointment. It's the most amazing thing ever if you have dry elbows and heels or chapped lips, like I always do. But of course I bury it at the bottom of my bag because it's a weird thing to have." -- Mary D.

Long Hair, Don't Care

"I have a leftover track from my weave that I had done a few weeks ago in my purse. It's not so much that I'm embarrassed, as it is other people feeling extremely awkward every time I open my bag and they see all this hair stuffed in there. You never know when that extra piece may come in handy." -- Tiffanie P.

Slip of the Tongue

"I've had horrible allergies my whole life, complete with under-eye bags, nasal drip, and occasional bad breath. My doctor suggested using a tongue scraper, and I've been hooked ever since. I know it sounds gross, but what's grosser is all the germs and gunk that get stuck in your mouth. It might be embarrassing, but my mouth has never felt cleaner." -- Cassie W.

Click here to see the rest of our editor's embarrassing beauty items.

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