What to Expect at Your First Eyebrow Threading Appointment

From pre-threading prep to post-treatment care, find out what you're in for when you forgo waxing and plucking for this precise hair removal method.
by Eden Univer, Teen Vogue
The First Brow
"The area is cleaned before we begin and very little is taken off at a time," explains Shokou Shahidi Rezvani, of Thread in LA. "The thread is twisted in a manner that hair, even small ones, are caught between the thread and pruned out slowly. Hairs can be removed very accurately with threading. Peach fuzz and excess hair around the eyebrow is also removed to enhance the contrast between hair and skin."

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The Second Brow "Once the first eyebrow is done, it's shown to the client to ensure that they like the results. When it looks just right, we start on the second eyebrow, shaping it to be symmetrical to the completed brow."

Post-Threading "When it's all done, we apply Yon-ka Toner, an all-natural, non-irritating product to cleanse and soothe the brow area. You can also get your eyebrows filled with brow powder to enhance their new shape."

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Upkeep "To maintain your brow shape, threaders don't recommend you try plucking your brows between appointments. Simply schedule an appointments every two to three weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. Threading trains your hairs, and after repeated services, you'll begin to see that the unwanted hairs will come back thinner and will hurt less during removal."

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