Eyebrow Transplants Are on the Rise. Yes, Eyebrow Transplants.

Lena Dunham illustrates how NOT to get fuller eyebrows. Photo by HBOEyebrows are suddenly getting a lot of attention. First model Cara Delevingne brought back the full-bodied Brooke Shields look. Then Lena Dunham portrayed the unreasonable lengths we'll go to for a thicker brow. It was only a matter of time before the trend landed in the hands of cosmetic surgeons.

Now, instead of filling in sparse, over-tweezed areas with a pencil or powder, some women (and a few men) are going to extremes and getting permanent eyebrow transplants.

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"It's not the most common procedure, but there's been 20 percent increase in interest in eyebrow transplants over the last few years,"  Audrey Matney, the practice manager of Yael Halaas M.D. in New York City tells Yahoo Shine. Full brows might not have replaced full breasts on women's cosmetic surgery wish lists, but after several years of thick statement eyebrows on the runways, in fashion magazines, and in beauty ads, doctors are seeing an upswing in clients enquiring about eyebrows.

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Model Cara Delevingne has inspired women to get fuller brows in any way possible. Photo: Getty ImagesEyebrow transplants can cost between $1,000 and $10,000, depending on the procedure. One method involves taking a strip of hair from the back of the neck and grafting it onto the brow area. Another method, which is more expensive involves grafting individual hair follicles  from your head onto the brow.

"Some clients need 200 hairs to fill out their brows, while some need 700," as it depends on the individual's hair color, thickness, and shape of the brow, Matney says.

The procedure can take about two to eight hours, but real results take weeks to show up, as hair follicles fall out and then reattach in their new "location."

Because hair from the head grows faster and longer than brow hair, you'll need to trim it — unless of course you want to make the Guinness World Records for the longest eyebrows.

After about three months, you'll have the full eyebrows you've always (or perhaps only just recently) wanted.

Of course, you don't have to go to extremes for a brow makeover. The drug store can provide a cheaper and less bizarre fix. Brow powder and pencil are easy to apply— just make sure they're one shade lighter than your natural color. A brow marker, meanwhile, is ideal for layering on the desired amount of color, and a tinted brow gel will thicken and intensify your brows while shaping them. You may not end up with brows like Delevigne's, but at least your brows are in your own hands.

For information on how to grow out your eyebrows, see the video below:

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