Fabulous in a Flash: 5 Tips for Looking like a Rockstar in a Photo Booth

Rock it!Rock it!We just returned from Alt Summit (a rad blogger's conference) in Salt Lake City, and while there we hit a crowd favorite over and over again: the photo booth.

We have a lot of experience using and dominating photo booths. In the past we have just kept this in our large backpockets as our secret weapon. But really, we were just being selfish.

People have asked us, "Ladies, how do you manage to always look so good in a photo booths?!" And they've said things like, "You don't even try and you look like total rockstars!" Or at least we know that's what they want to say, but they are just too intimidated.

So we have decided to give some of our best (un)solicited advice!

Here are 5 tips for looking like a rockstar in a photo booth:

1.) Use that hair.

Fluff it, flick it, use it to hide double chins, zits, and other people who might try to steal your spotlight. True, you can crop them out later, but it's easier if you just take care of it from the get go.

2.) Pout those lips.

We recommend "sexy time lips" (see Alison's photo), and "skinny time lips" (see Susan's shot). But basically you just want make sure they are doing something -- even if it's giving orders to the other people in your picture. Also, you can never, ever go wrong with a really big smile.

3.) Stick out your chin.
The same principle works for your chin that works for your chest, the further you stick it out the better it will look.

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4.) Control your eyes.
You want to avoid "crazy eyes" at all costs. These are created by staring intensely at the camera (with or without creepy thoughts). Closing your eyes makes it look like all your friends had to force you to be in the picture and that you are cooler than everyone else in it -- this is a good thing. "Bright eyes!" can be achieved by thinking about the scene in Crazy Stupid Love when Ryan Gosling lifts Emma Stone above his head Dirty Dancing-style.

5.) Utilize body language -- carefully.
Seriously, push your hips away from the camera. Never stand face-on; lean the front shoulder toward the camera. If you have the largest butt in the group, don't stand on the end -- that's a skinny girl's "privilege" or punishment.

Another quick note: Probably the biggest reason behind our photo booth success is that we aren't afraid to look stupid -- or sound stupid for that matter. And that is pretty much what makes us both rockstars. Or at least pretty fun to have around at your next party.

Above all, remember: You're fabulous, and you shouldn't hide it!

- By Alison Faulkner
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