Fighting Frizz: At-Home Treatments

Courtesy of drugstore.comCourtesy of drugstore.comHannah Morrill, Allure magazine

Damaged hair is an open invitation for frizz. So if you color or heat style, use a deep-moisture treatment weekly to repair the cuticle and help it lie flat.

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1. For fine hair:
Look for something with both strengthening and hydrating properties, like Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment. Wheat protein binds to damaged spots without leaving hair limp; lightweight oils soften the hair and minimize static. Spritz on hair, starting with the ends and working upward, but skip your roots, which don't need extra moisture. Your hair should look damp, but not sopping wet (

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2. For thick or curly hair:
Natural oils-argan, palm, jojoba, bamboo, or avocado-make hair silky. Moroccanoil Treatment contains deeply hydrating argan oil, as well as vitamin A, which improves elasticity. Comb through dry hair with a paddle brush, twist hair into a loose bun, pile on top of your head, and go to bed. Shampoo and condition the usual way in the morning ( for salons).

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3. For longer-term results: Formaldehyde-free at-home straightening kits, like Ojon Super Sleep Hair Straightening Treatment, can leave your hair smooth and less frizzy for up to a month (depending on how frequently you shampoo). With its combination of plant proteins and oils, it's gentle enough for most hair types. Follow directions on the box for the best results (

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