How to Get Flat Iron Curls

By Stephanie Brinkerhoff for Birchbox
Step 1 and 2Step 1 and 2

A huge part of getting your flat iron curls to turn out well is using the right kind of flat iron. You'll want to look for one that's skinny, has rounded edges, and gets somewhat hot on the outside of the plates as well. For these curls I used the GHD Classic Styler.

Step 3 and 4Step 3 and 4

1. On dry hair, brush out any tangles.

2. Take a section about the size of the one I am holding.

Step 5 and 6Step 5 and 6

3. To start curling, place the flat iron about 3/4 of the way up the strand.

4. Close the flat iron and twist it away from your face, then pull it slowly down the rest of the piece of hair while it's still clamped shut.

Step 7 and 8Step 7 and 8

5. Your curl should look similar to this one, but if it doesn't, these tips might help:

*If your curl isn't this curly: slide the flat iron down your hair more slowly, giving it more time to get each part of the hair hot enough. You can also try taking a smaller section.

*If your curls are kinked:
You're gripping the flat iron closed too tightly. Try a slightly softer grip.

6. Repeat steps three and four to curl the rest of your hair.

Step 9 and 10Step 9 and 10

7. Once it's finished, it should look similar to this.

8. To soften the curls, run a comb through your hair.

Step 11 and 12Step 11 and 12

9. Once it's combed out, it will look less curly and more wavy.

10. I like my curls a little less bouncy than this. Run the flat iron over the ends a few times until it has the look you want.


11. This is how it looks after I flat iron. It's not a huge difference, but it also helps to calm the ends.

12. Finally, run some pomade through your hair to add more definition and body.

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