Food and Acne: Myths and Truths Revealed

Worried about your favorite snack causing spots? New York-based cosmetic dermatologist patricia wexler separates the troublemakers from the wrongly accused.
By Eden Univer, Teen Vogue

Myth or Truth:
Partially True
"Current thinking is that foods with a high glycemic index (GI) exacerbate acne. These foods increase the insulin in your system which translates into worsening of acne."

Myth or Truth: Partially True
"It's the sugars in chocolate which causes the acne, not the chocolate itself. Just like in candy, it causes a surge in insulin which translates to increases in breakouts."

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Myth or Truth: Truth
"It's not the oil in the chips, but the carbs! Choosing a complex carb chip is less likely to cause acne. Try any sweet potato variety." Try: All natural Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato tortilla chips.

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Myth or Truth: Myth
"Neither fat or dairy has been directly connected to acne."

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