Ginnifer Goodwin's Secret to Great Skin is Perfect for Lazy Ladies!

By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

This is not an exaggeration: We frequently find ourselves wondering how Ginnifer Goodwin does it. The flawless skin, the perfectly tousled pixie, the matte lipstick that looks like it's naturally part of her face even though it's hot pink - girlfriend knows her way around a beauty routine. So when we say we were excited about the opportunity to read every detail of how this babe maintains her enviable level of ethereal prettiness, you should know that excited doesn't actually cover it.

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We expected to hear a very involved skin regimen that included pricey creams made from unicorn tears, but GG blew our minds by admitting she is not so diligent on the skin care front - she even 'fessed up to not washing her face every night. Yes, she actually sleeps in her makeup and - despite the fact that every dermatologist on the planet says that will ruin your skin - she still looks amazing. Are you so jealous? We are - if we don't wash our faces every night we wake up looking like raccoons that were stung by bees. Life, she is unfair.

That might be the only part of her routine that we're not going to copy, because from her concealer recommendations to her tips about what part of short-hair maintenance deserves the most funding, you can bet we're taking notes. Detailed, outlined notes. (WhoWhatWear)

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