Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! We remember when you were just Posh.

Remember this lady? She turned 39 on Wednesday.

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Most people know her as Victoria Beckham, the unflinchingly serious high-fashion brand ambassador, designer, power mom, royal party guest, and U.K. national treasure.  But we still remember when she was just a girl named Posh. Let's have a memory walk, shall we?

Remember when butterflies were her favorite fashion accessories and those front two bangs were her favorite pieces of hair?


 And remember how she used to show her teeth when she smiled?


 She used to smile a lot. Sometimes, aggressively.

Remember how much she loved wearing rectangular librarian/raver glasses indoors?

And remember her spray-bleached denim bustiers? And remember how okay she was when David Beckham wore a sleeveless tuxedo shirt and wrapped his head in nylon? Proud even.

And remember this lip ring? Now you do. Happy Birthday Victoria Posh Spice Beckham. We miss you almost every day.