Healthy Hair Report: Give New Life to Damaged Hair

Because aggressive brushing and heat-styling are the biggest culprits, your best bet is to switch up your regi …

According to a recent Unilever study, hair that is about shoulder length (around 9 inches long) has, after two years, gone through 411 washes, 6,171 brushes, and 10 bleaches, and had approximately 19,122 split ends and 36,206 breaks. With that in mind, we asked experts for advice on solving your three biggest hair issues.


The Problem: Your hair is looking like damaged goods.

The Fix: Because aggressive brushing and heat-styling are the biggest culprits, your best bet is to switch up your regimen.

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1. Ditch your professional 3,700-watt engine, Ferrari-like blowdryer, which isn't intended for daily use (1,800 watts are enough for every day). "Initially, it lays the cuticle down so hair looks extra shiny, but over time it gets so fried you need more heat to make it smooth," says Oribe, the mane guru for Jennifer Lawrence and Penelope Cruz.

2. Lower your straightening-and curling-iron to 300 degrees, and always pre damp strands with a thermal protector (Tresemme's new Platinum Strength line uses a high-tech blend of conditioning agents) to prevent burnt strands.

3. Take time once a week for TLC. For thick or course hair, use a moisturizing mask laced with mega-hydrators such as marula oil, as well as soy proteins and shea butter, or douse strands with a botanical oil, which acts as a Band-Aid, filling in gaps in the cuticle. For finer strands, a lighter, milkier treatment can be a gorgeous-hair game changer (think of it like an oil-free serum for skin).

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4. The healthier your hair, the more smoothly the tiny scales that make up the cuticle lie, which increases light reflection. To get a shine boost stat, swap goopy glosses for a sheer mist, says Sally Hershberger, owner of the eponymous salons in NYC and L.A. Spray a tiny amount all over hair, then brush through to distribute evenly.

5. Frayed ends beyond repair? Take. Them. Off. Get what David Babaii, a stylist in L.A., calls a "ghost trim" every six weeks: "You can't even tell because you are literally just snipping the very tiny split ends off, yet you know your hair looks good and feels amazing," he says. The result: hot hair, not a hot mess.

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