Heidi Klum Goes Make-Up Free for Charity: Is Bare-Faced a Big Deal?

Heidi Klum, make-up freeHeidi Klum, make-up freeHeidi Klum, 39, is currently appearing bare faced in a campaign for the British charity BBC Children in Need and causing some bloggers across the pond and stateside to get their knickers in a twist. The British tabloid The Daily Mail says she is "unrecognizable" and calls the unvarnished image "brave." But, it's hard to see what's so courageous about a gorgeous Amazon with perfect bone structure and porcelain skin appearing au natural (save the charity's logo on her cheek). The Huffington Post says that it's rare to see a star who isn't "perfectly done up every time they step in the public eye." From Hillary Clinton to Uma Thurman, I can think of a few.

The supermodel and mom is helping to publicize an event called "BearFaced Day" and asking women across the United Kingdom to dispense with cosmetics on November 9. While supporting kids in need is great, the fuss over Klum's face makes me wonder why we think wearing/not wearing make up is such a controversial issue. I regularly see women without make-up, and I often "dare" to appear in public with nothing more than moisturizer. Sure, I look prettier with a swipe of mascara and swoosh of lipstick, but pretty isn't always the point. Unless I'm going out socially or to a special event, I generally can't be bothered, and no one has ever fainted at the sight of my unpainted face. By emphasizing how amazing it is when a celeb goes without make-up are we overstating the importance of women's physical appearance in today's world or instead harking back to grooming rules from the days of girdles and a weekly wash and set?

Shine readers, I'm interested in your opinion: Is it uncomfortable for you to go without make up or no big deal?