How to Hide Your Tattoo

Alexandra Owens, Allure magazine

Don't expect to meet a bobby with a face tattoo anytime soon. Scotland Yard has banned employees from getting body art on their hands and above the collar, on the grounds that "all visible tattoos damage the professional image of the Metropolitan Police Service," according to a staff memo. But what happens if you already have one? (And you didn't plan ahead, like Lea Michele, above, who said the majority of hers are in "secret hidden spots"?)

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If you don't want your ink to show, there are a few tricks you can pull (short of laser removal). Pick a foundation or concealer that is denser than one you would use on your face-makeup artist Pati Dubroff likes the one by Cinema Secrets. Dot the concealer on the tattoo in layers with a sponge (one layer will be enough for red tats; black ones will need three or more layers). Set it with translucent powder and, if it looks too opaque after you've blended it, spritz on Evian Facial Spray to make it look more lifelike. Voila!

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