Hold on to Your Hair Color Longer: Tips from Bethenny's Hair Stylist!

Hold On to Your Hair Color Longer: Tips from Bethenny's Hair Stylist!

Getting your hair colored can be a fun way to spice up your look, but it can also involve a lot of pricy maintenance. Stacey Weinstein, owner of Loft 26 Salon and Once Upon a Bride, who does Bethenny's hair at the show, shares great tips to help make your color last!

Stacey says whether you're a redhead, brunette or blond, you can get away with using shampoo that has color deposits in it to freshen up your look.

"When I was a brunette, I would take the tinted shampoo and I would put it on my hair, wet it a little, lather it and let it sit for five minutes like a home toner. It tints your hair back. It's a quick fix, at home and relatively cheap," she said.

She also recommends a three-step process, starting the day you get home from the salon (or the day after, since we all know salon hair needs to be savored for at least a day) to help keep your hair color fresh way past the expected expiration date.

The First Three Days

Use a high quality, expensive color shampoo to nourish hair and help lock that salon color in.

After the First Three Days

Then, you can use your regular shampoo as long as it is low in alcohol.

Cool It off and Lock It In

After a few weeks, when you feel the color is "washed out," use a color depositing shampoo for more of the tone you want, either red, gold, or brown, depending on your hair color.

Remember: Really hot water strains the hair. You want warm water to shampoo but then use a cool rinse because it closes the cuticle so it's sealed and less damaging. Hot makes it dull, cold gives it a shine.

Share your color hair care tips in the comments and, let us know if these work for you.

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