Hollywood Starlets Are Rocking the Side Part and You Can Too!


Whether you're rocking a sleek short bob, a mod up-do, or a long straight look, the side part is a stylish addition to any hair style. With starlets like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicole Richie looking lovely with the polished side part, we had to try it out for ourselves.

To really make sure we got the look right, we knew we'd need some expert advice. Thankfully, hairstylist to the stars Ted Gibson shared some words of wisdom in his interview with Elle.

Pick the Perfect Spot: "For a symmetrical appearance, the part should align with the highest point of the eyebrow."

Tame those Pesky Flyaways: Get your hands on a shine serum such as Ted Gibson's Tame it Shine Lotion ($19.95, Dermastore). "It's great for calming flyaways and adding shine."

Don't Forget to Brush: "You always want to use a brush after applying product so that every strand of hair is thoroughly saturated. I prefer using a mixed-bristle brush-one that has nylon as well as boar bristles. The boar is for smoothing and the nylon is for detangling."

Perfect the Part: Making use of the back of a comb define the part. "Its fine tip helps to give that sharp edge."

And voilà you've got your side part ready to go!

Photo Credit(Left to Right): Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America, Terry Rice/Getty Images North America, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America

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