The Hottest Nail Polish Trends to Try Now

nail polish artnail polish artIf there ever was a time to experiment with nail polish, that time is now. There are no rules -- anything goes. You can go super dark, very light, bright colors, or a mix of all of it. This summer there was a lot of bright green, bold turquoise, and periwinkle blue and you can wear those all through the year, but the look everyone should try now is painting their own nails as if it was a spa manicure.

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Almost anyone can do it, and if your hand isn't too steady, ask a friend. The look doesn't have to be perfect either. Like in this photo, try a light turquoise, let dry. Paint the tips gold, then use a coral red to add dots by dipping a toothpick in the polish.

Love this look? I have some more ideas, too.

Black is the new black .. with a hint of galaxy sparkle. You can use a clear glitter polish over any color, but I love the bits of color look on a super dark nail. Would also look great on the darkest gray, deepest blue, and nearly jet black green.

black nail polishblack nail polish

Try polka dots! These nails do look polished to perfection, but you can try the nail stickers sold everywhere if you are afraid of coloring little dots on your own fingernails. But remember, the look doesn't have to be as perfect as this. The mixing of the colors is what makes it fun. So why not try. Get that toothpick out for this one, too.

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Go crazy! You can really polish anything on your nails. These four little lines set against a French manicure looks tropical. There is even a little glued on sparkle chip. If you aren't into that, you can do a dot of another color. Try it on a solid light color or a solid dark color. Experiment!

Of course, if you prefer your nails to be light and simple, go gold. Looks great with every skin tone and is a pretty pop at your fingertips.

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gold nail polishgold nail polish

Which nail polish look is your favorite?

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