Jennifer Aniston Takes a Page from Gwen Stefani with New Platinum Hair

By Leila Brillson, Refinery29

Though always well-assembled, Jennifer Aniston has never been a risk taker with her 'do. Caramel highlights, sure, perhaps even bangs. But there have been no major cuts or color changes since the dawn of time (i.e. when Friends launched). So, when she was photographed with wildly blonde (Gwen Stefani-esque) hair, immediately we thought: This has got to be a wig.

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According to People, Jen's major transformation is probably an impermanent one, but she covered up any tell-tale signs or obvious roots with a jaunty beret in this latest pap snap. Though the Christina Applegate-y dye job is most likely fake, how cool would it be if it wasn't? Aniston is known for polish and poise, not peroxide, so it would be fun if she rocked our expectations.

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