New Jersey Mayor Gets Secret Late Night Mani/Pedis

You gotta love a man who raves about the transformative power of a pedi.

That's one of the reasons we are all about Newark, New Jersey Mayor, Corey Booker. He recently confessed that he sneaks off in the middle of the night to get his fingers and toes buffed and polished at a local 24-hour salon.

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First of all bravo, dude! If only the guys we know would take note and put their gnarly, yellowed, and chipped toenails in the hands of a pro. Just think how much more bearable flip-flop season would be.

But why in the middle of the night, Mr. Mayor? Real men get their toes done in broad daylight! Don't believe me? Just look at Tim Tebow, Dwayne Wade, and P Diddy. Even Justin Bieber has his own nail polish collection.

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So, fear not Corey Booker. You're in good company. Perhaps you and your fellow nail salon-loving bros can get together -- start a mini male movement. Nothing would make us gals prouder.

What do you think when you see men at the nail salon? Sexy -- or too metro?

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